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Solid-State Batteries: The New Face of Renewable Energy

Renewable energy sources require a shift from using fossil fuels. However, concerns regarding the intermittent production of energy sources such as photovoltaic or wind do not provide enough for the demand. The significance of storing green energy is essential in the shift from the use of non-renewable energy sources. 

Researches have been performed in the search for an all-solid-state battery. UCLouvain scientists discovered that LiTi2(PS4)3, or LTPS has the highest lithium diffusion coefficient (a direct measure of lithium mobility) measured in a solid. The unique crystal structure results to this lithium mobility. Results of the study were published in Chem. 

Ilika plc (LON:IKA) is a pioneer in materials innovation and has been inventing new materials for energy and electronics applications for over a decade. Global brands such as Rolls Royce and Toyota have long term collaborations with Ilika’s development teams.

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