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Blue Star Capital Plc

Solar integrates SEP-6, linking traditional payment infrastructures with Stellar

Stellar’s mission is to make global payments fast and inexpensive. Today, the payment landscape is fragmented. Every region has its own payment scheme and they’re not interoperable. Stellar is a global network that aims at connecting these different local payment methods. In order to do so, Stellar has made digital asset issuance a central feature of its design. So called anchors (regulated financial institutions) can issue any real world asset and represent it on the network. These anchors help users depositing money into Stellar and vice versa by withdrawing it from their Stellar wallet into their bank account when needed.

SEP-6, The Golden Standard for off-ramps

Stellar implemented a technical standard called SEP-6 to make it easier for wallets to integrate a variety of anchors. In short, SEP-6 is just a standard defining how wallets interact with anchors. It improves user experience by allowing wallets and other clients to interact with anchors directly without the user needing to leave the wallet to go to the anchor’s site. Moreover, it’s compatible with the anchor’s KYC/AML processes.

SatoshiPay is developing a two-way payment platform, which enables online content providers to monetise their digital content through the acceptance of nanopayments. Blue Star Capital Plc (LON:BLU)is an investing company with a focus on new technologies, their investments include a 29.4% holding in SatoshiPay.

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