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Smart Spaces for the Connected Employee

The relationships we have with the buildings we occupy are set to change forever.

As the dramatic increase in connectivity of the Internet of Things (IoT) continues, the amount of data available to us is significant, driving the evolution of smart buildings with pace – progressively more so over the last few years.

Not only is fast, secure and reliable infrastructure critical when designing and building hard bricks-and-mortar, the ‘soft’ layer of platforms, seamless integration and engaging applications is equally fundamental to the end user experience & success of the workplace. The need for buildings to transform digitally is now becoming a critical factor in providing vital cost savings, effective space utilisation, energy efficiency, sustainability, with the aim of increasing occupier satisfaction.

Everything is now pointing towards the need to deliver action from data, that is increasingly available to occupiers and owners. However, the challenges building owners and managers face is understanding how to collect that data and what to do with it. And with so many disparate, self-limiting point solutions, devices and systems hitting the market, the wider challenge for them to solve is how to successfully and effectively piece those together.

The good news, there is a step change happening that is highlighting the need for a collaborative customer and supply chain relationship, enabling the delivery of a holistic solution for the connected employee, office and building – an eco-system of suppliers that create the connection between people and their environments seamlessly whilst evolving a single source of data intelligence and enabling real-time interaction, is at the very heart of a truly smart building.

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