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Smart Optical Sensors Put Industry 4.0 to Work

Smart manufacturing. Factory automation. Industry 4.0. No matter what you call it, the ‘fourth industrial revolution’ is here. Powered by the Industrial Internet of Things (IIoT), connected devices and smart equipment are streamlining manufacturing and supply chain processes large and small, on a global scale. Smart sensors are integral to this sea change, extending the legacy sensor’s inherent abilities―to collect, store and monitor data―to new levels that capitalize on data in context to optimize processes.

This optimization of processes is not without its challenges though. Manufacturing and assembly machinery can be dirty and may need to run in fluctuating and extreme temperature conditions. Ambient lighting can vary widely with dark and bright periods, including full daylight. Packaging, printing, and labelling equipment require robust presence detection from various media with low-contrast reflectivity. Logistics require reliable presence detection for accurate routing. And engineers need smaller and simpler circuit designs with flexibility.

TT Electronics plc (LON:TTG) is a provider of engineered electronics applications for performance-critical applications. The Company works with customers in the industrial, medical, aerospace and defence, and transportation sectors.

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