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Scientists Recommend These 7 Ways to Increase your Daily Water Intake Capacity

Drinking more water is something many of us have aspired to at some point or another.

For some people, this seems like a pipedream; something they want to do, but probably never will. For others, they are ready to take action.

Regardless of your current standpoint, it is important to remember the varied benefits of drinking water, like increasing concentration and aiding weight loss.

  1. Invest In A Water Filter Jug

For those who refuse to drink water because they think it tastes weird, investing in a water filter jug can be a lifesaver.

In some places, water tastes different because of water pressure and the pipes it has travelled through before leaving your taps.

By using a water filter, you are eliminating any nasty minerals that may alter the way your drink tastes.

This will lead to a fresher bottle of water every time, and may be just what you need to change your mind about the taste of water.

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