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Safety Tips for Handling an Electric Water-Heating Kettle

In every homestead, there are those accessories that you will never miss. An electric water-heating kettle is one of these. Majority of us will make use of this appliance on a daily basis, whether to prepare a cup or otherwise. Increased exposure means that safety is important, especially because accessory runs on electricity. Nonetheless, very few homeowners are aware of safety guidelines and proper use of an electric water-heating kettle. This article addresses the gap and provides useful and lifesaving pointers to homeowners.

Wet is Dangerous!

Electricity and water can be compared to day and night. They do not go together. Therefore, always make sure that the cabling of an electric kettle is completely dry before plugging it into a socket or an extension cable. Both ends of a cable must be checked for wetness, that is, the female/male side and the plug. Wet cabling can cause serious injury because of electrocution or start fire in your house.

Strix Group Plc (LON:KETL) manufactures and sells kettle safety controls and other components worldwide. The company offers thermostatic controls, cordless interfaces, water jugs, and filters.

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