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Rising awareness about the therapeutic importance of stem cells

Stem Cell Banking Market – Assurance for a Lifetime

Stem cells are building blocks of the immune system and blood, and they have the ability to develop into other cell types, in order to help in repairing tissues, organs, blood vessels, and are used in treatment of various disease. The ability of stem cells to regenerate has led to development of various treatments with it, to cure various genetic and auto-immune diseases and disorders. Cord blood stem cells have been used to treat nearly 80 diseases, including numerous types of malignancies, anemia, inherited metabolic disorders, and deficiencies of the immune system. Moreover, with the advancement in regenerative medicine, individuals of all ages can benefit from stem cell therapy in the near future. This is expected to augment growth of the market. Stem cell banking market is expected to gain significant traction, owing to factors such as rising awareness about the therapeutic importance of stem cells, growing number of clinical trials for products that are stem cell-based, and increasing research grants and public-private funding for development of novel treatments that are stem cell-based.


Widecells Group PLC (LON:WDC) are leading a transformation in cord blood banking and stem cell treatment; making cord blood banking more accessible through insurance coverage, and increasing the availability of cord blood for transplants.

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