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A real-life story of how an SME dealt with a hack attack

Entrepreneur Guy Mucklow provides a five point contingency plan so fellow business builders don’t end up like him – the victim of a cyber hack attack.

In my youth (which rather gives you a clue as to my age), there was an amusing sitcom called Dad’s Army, where a rather hapless soldier, called Captain Mainwaring, would often be found running around like the proverbial headless chicken shouting “don’t panic” whenever there was the slightest problem.

For many SMEs, a hack attack makes you feel a bit like this.

You know that you’re under attack, however, you don’t know who the enemy is, where and how they got there or even why they’re doing it. All you know is that they have the capacity to pull down your website, cut off your communication, upset your customers, potentially steal money from you and that you need to deal with the problem immediately.

Unfortunately, however, SMEs don’t generally have the technical resource, knowledge or the experience to cope with being hacked and as a consequence suffer the blind, helpless feeling of panic of our Captain Mainwaring.

What happened to me?

At PCA Predict we take our defences pretty seriously. As a company which has a high profile on the internet and many large customers which rely on us to look after their data, we maintain a number of accreditations such ISO 27001, the data security standard, and have our own team of experts who are permanently on call to deal with potential cyber-attacks.

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