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Radiation detector on Mount Everest

When Bob Kerr went on his expedition to Everest Base Camp (North Base Camp in Tibet at 5,150 metres) to measure the background radiation at various altitudes, he took a Kromek GR1 gamma ray radioisotope detector. His intention was to progress radiation protection science by making measurements of cosmic radiation doses received on the whole trip to Everest.

You need a light accurate detector if you are climbing

If you are climbing the highest mountain in the world you want to travel light. The GR1 offered the perfect balance of sensitivity, lower energy range (to capture move isotopes) and high resolution (to make sure the isotopes could be differentiated from each other), ease of use and weight and size – the detector is the size of a chunky lipstick and only weighs 60 grammes.

Kromek Group plc designs, develops and produces x-ray and gamma-ray imaging and radiation detection products for the medical, CBRNe security, Homeland Security and civil nuclear radiation detection markets. 

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