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Proactis Holdings Plc

Proactis: Purchasing Pain and How to Fix It, Fast

Proactis Holdings Plc (LON:PHD) Blog – Simon Dadswell, Group Marketing Director

If your organisation’s purchasing process is experiencing pain, then you have three options: carry on and suffer in silence, attempt to ease the symptoms, or tackle the root cause. The financial health of your organisation depends on what you do next. In fact, your future could be at stake.
In our last blog, we highlighted ‘three symptoms’ that could indicate valuable resources are being squandered within your corporate purchasing process. Maverick purchasing, poor use of contracts and a lack of spend visibility can sap budgets, bloat admin workloads and harden inefficiency.

But, having heard the diagnosis, how should an organisation respond? Here are the choices.

Option #1: Carry on and suffer in silence
When it comes to our bodies, many people try to ignore the pain and power through. But it catches up with us sooner or later. In effect, many organisations have been operating in a similar fashion — muddling through. And they’ve been getting away with it … until now.

What’s changed is the rapid emergence of the new, frictionless and highly-competitive digital economy. Today, there’s no room for waste and inefficiency. New organisations don’t have the baggage of old paper-based processes and ways of working. If you don’t match their efficiency, they may replace you. The prognosis is grim.

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