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Platinum, palladium or rhodium – which is the metal of the future?

How the future of driving is shaping demand for platinum group metals
Simon Catt of Arlington Group Asset Management was the organiser of this event, and his speakers were analysts René Hochreiter (billed as the Mick Jagger of PGMs), and Roger Breuer.

Hochreiter is extremely bullish about palladium and rhodium, although less so about platinum. “This isn’t a bubble”, he kept stressing, “but early in a new bull market”.

Broadly speaking, the prices of PGMs will be determined by the kind of vehicles we will be driving in the future. Around 85% of palladium and rhodium demand comes from catalytic converters. Palladium jewellery has never taken off.

Jubilee Metals Group plc (LON:JLP) is a diversified metals recovery company, focusing on the reprocessing of historical mine waste and surface materials. Their projects in South Africa include the Hernic Platinum Project, DCM Platinum & Chrome Project and the PlatCro Platinum Project.

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