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Palladium vs Platinum

Never heard of palladium? You’re not alone. Most folks in the market for an engagement or wedding ring don’t know what palladium is, but it’s one of the favourite metals to use for wedding jewellery for many reasons. Palladium is often compared to platinum and has customers wondering: what’s the difference between the two? Both are unique, yet similar in several ways. Let’s look at how palladium and platinum compare in appearance, cost, durability, and comfort.

Platinum and palladium are both naturally white metals that will stay white forever. The difference in colour between palladium and platinum is very minimal. Platinum rings are generally about 1 shade whiter than palladium, but there truly is a very small difference. Unlike white gold, both platinum and palladium are not rhodium plated since they are naturally a bright white colour. 

Jubilee Metals Group plc (LON:JLP) is a diversified metals recovery company, focusing on the reprocessing of historical mine waste and surface materials.The Company has secured surface platinum-bearing tailings to recover PGMs and chromite, lead, zinc and vanadium bearing tailings in Zambia and holds the mining right to a primary PGM project in the Eastern Bushveld complex.

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