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Ozzy Osbourne is taking CBD oil to deal with ‘terrible pain’ following fall

“He’s in terrible pain and he’s not good at being at home. He wants to be back on the road, back on his tour, back with his band and he’s pining. Really the challenge is not his injuries, it’s his state of mind to keep him positive and working.”

Asked if there is worry Ozzy might get hooked on painkillers while he’s recovering, Sharon responded: “He’s off all of that. He had to have it after he was operated on the last time. But now for pain, he has that CBD – or whatever it’s called – and he’s dealing with it that way.”

Cannabis plants are made up of more than 100 different cannabinoids and two of the most well-known of these are THC and CBD.

Sativa Investments (NEX:SATI) is the UK’s first medicinal cannabis investment vehicle. After investing in two North American businesses, it is now progressing a UK seed to consumer investment strategy with 100% ownership of businesses involved in the production, testing and compliance, research & development including pharmacology, commercialisation and sales & marketing of medicinal cannabis and cannabidiol products. Two UK businesses, George Botanicals and PhytoVista Laboratories, are already fully operational.

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