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Oxford BioDynamics

Oxford Biodynamics EpiSwitch data to be presented at BioTech Pharma Summit

Oxford BioDynamics Plc (LON:OBD), a biotechnology company focused on the discovery and development of biomarkers based on regulatory 3D genome architecture, for use within the pharmaceutical and biotechnology industry, today announced that data yielded by the application of its 3D genome architecture technology platform, EpiSwitch™, will be presented at the BioTech Pharma Summit: Liquid Biopsy 2020 held in Lisbon, Portugal on February 20-21, 2020. The summit brings together leaders in the field from pharma, biotech, and diagnostic companies and healthcare providers, fostering collaboration between stakeholders in liquid biopsy, molecular pathology and precision medicine. The expanding field of circulating biomarkers of various classes is redefining the gold standards of personalised healthcare testing.

OBD’s presentation “3D Genome Architecture as Biomarker Modality” sets out the advantages of its EpiSwitch™ biomarker platform, the relevance of its biomarkers to clinical outcomes and the systemic nature of its biomarker signatures, as detected non-invasively in peripheral blood.

·      Results from non-invasive blood-based EpiSwitch™ biomarker studies demonstrate the relevance of the 3D Genomics biomarker modality to clinical outcomes in patients, across multiple applications.

·  Blood-based stratifications of patients for diagnostic, predictive and prognostic applications in neurodegeneration, inflammation and immuno-oncology discussed and directly compared to current gold standards.

·    The rise of innovative technologies in molecular biomarkers offers the possibility of developing new gold standards for personalized medicine.

The presentation will focus on examples of diagnostic, prognostic and predictive stratifications in patients, including in the following disease areas and indications:

–      Neurodegeneration – prognostic biomarkers for ALS;

–      Inflammation – predictive biomarkers for Rheumatoid Arthritis;

–      Oncology – prognostic biomarkers for DLBCL;

–      Oncology – predictive biomarkers for PD-1/PD-L1 immuno-checkpoint inhibitors.

Alexandre Akoulitchev, Director and Chief Scientific Officer of Oxford BioDynamics, commented, “We are building an impressive body of evidence for the direct relevance to clinical outcomes of the non-invasive blood-based biomarker readouts generated by our EpiSwitch™ platform. The quality of the classification results delivered – from rheumatoid arthritis and neurodegeneration to immuno-oncology – is a reflection of the fundamental biological nature of regulatory 3D genome architecture and the robustness of the automated, high resolution  EpiSwitch™ technology used to monitor it. We are inspired by the full potential of our platform and its role in the future development of precision medicine. “

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