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Outlining Precision Potentiometers

The nomenclature of modern electronics is densely populated by various potentiometers, trimmers and resistors that largely operate on the same basic premise: they assist with monitoring or controlling either the voltage or current passing through an electrical system. Among the most fundamental of these electrical components is the resistor; a passive dual-terminal component with a pre-defined electrical resistance. This is essential for inhibiting current flow, terminating transmission signals, and other uses. A practical limitation of the ubiquitous resistor is the constancy of the material’s electrical resistance, which is why variable resistors were developed.

Briefly: A variable resistor, often called a rheostat, is a component with an adjustable electrical resistance; a function that is usually conducted using an integrated wiper contact that adjusts the resistance track of the variable resistor. Measuring instruments that operate on this same basic principle with a third terminal for dividing voltage and measuring electrical potential are known as potentiometers.

TT Electronics plc (LON:TTG) is a provider of engineered electronics applications for performance-critical applications. The Company works with customers in the industrial, medical, aerospace and defence, and transportation sectors.

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