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Oil and Gas in 2019 – A time of Transition

During 2018, volatility marked the global oil and gas sector. Dramatic swings in oil price – from 2015-level highs to vast one-day drops, combined with geopolitical maneuvers, changing global supply and demand trends and mountain budget pressures feed instability in the sector.

And yet, market conditions served as a catalyst for the industry’s continued evolution and transformation, and there is now a sense of cautious optimism moving into 2019. Operators are working to adapt to major foundational shifts: the decline of hydrocarbons and the rise of renewables, the advance of digitalisation and what this means for workers and processes and new technologies to streamline operations and boost efficiency.


Solo Oil PLC (LON:SOLO) is an investment company with the target of acquiring a diverse global portfolio of direct and indirect interests in exploration, development and production oil and gas assets, both on-shore and off-shore.

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