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SkinBiotherapeutics Plc

Northland Capital Partners Limited Report: Skinbiotherapeutics PLC

New patent application filed for SkinBiotix® platform


  • SkinBio announced a new patent filing regarding the use of SkinBiotix®, the Company’s proprietary probiotic platform, for increasing filaggrin levels in skin.
  • Filaggrin is a protein vital to the formation of the outermost layer of skin. Low levels of filaggrin can leave the skin dry and irritated. Patients with severe forms of eczema, an inflammatory skin disease, have been shown to have half the level of filaggrin as healthy individuals.
  • The Company has demonstrated that SkinBiotix® can significantly increase the amount of filaggrin in human skin models. This follows previous studies indicating that SkinBiotix® increases the levels of Claudins, another group of skin proteins, which are essential for the function of ‘tight junctions’, intracellular junctions within the skin which help maintain the skin’s function as a waterproof barrier.
  • Dr Cath O’Neill, CEO, commented: “SkinBiotix® is continuing to prove its uniqueness as a platform via scientific testing. Following the successful work in skin models on fillagrin production, we are looking to increase the value and scope of our intellectual property with the filing of this patent.”

These findings regarding filaggrin production combined with previous observations on tight junctions indicate that the SkinBiotix® platform has beneficial properties on both the surface and inner layers of skin and could be therapeutically useful in a range of skin conditions, including eczema. The filing of this patent shows the Company is continuing to protect its IP portfolio surrounding its SkinBiotix® technology. The Company’s first patent (covering the use of bacteria and lysates in the treatment of skin in health and disease) has been granted in Australia, New Zealand and Russia with active prosecution progressing in Europe, USA and China.


SkinBio Therapeutics is a preclinical healthcare company focusing on skin health.

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