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Norman Broadbent Plc

Norman Broadbent: One of the Industry’s best-kept secrets?

“I honestly think that the Norman Broadbent Group of today is one of the best-kept secrets in our industry … The level of support they give their Consultants compared to other firms is significantly better … I still have moments when even I am taken aback by the transformation …”

Steve Salter, Senior Talent Advisor

It has been nearly three years since Mike Brennan, Norman Broadbent’s Group CEO, invited me to join him on a journey to help turn around this iconic British brand: once known solely for its Executive Search and Board Practices, and one that, when we walked through the door, dare I say, had lost its way.

Fast forward nearly three years: what a difference. To sum it up in one word: relevant. Relevant to our clients, relevant to the Talent we work with, and relevant to our hard-working colleagues.

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