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Avacta Group Plc

Next Generation Protein Therapeutics & Bioconjugates Summit

Affimer Therapeutics: A Novel Human Scaffold for the Generation of Bi-specific Molecules

Amrik Basran, PHD Chief Scientific Officer at Avacta Life Sciences will be presenting at the Next Generation Protein Therapeutics & Bioconjugates Summit on June 19th.

Affimer therapeutics are based on the human protein Stefin A, a small (12kDa) intracellular protease inhibitor. We have built large phage display libraries (1×1010), generating Affimer binders to range of therapeutically relevant targets (e.g. PD-L1, LAG-3). We have shown that the Affimer scaffold can be formatted as in-line, Fc or antibody fusions to create bispecific molecules are able to engage both target antigens.

Avacta Group Plc (LON:AVCT) offers reagents and therapeutics based on Affimer technology for diagnostic and research applications in the United Kingdom. The company’s custom Affimer products are also used in drugs and biomarkers discovery in biotech research and development.

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