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New Space and Beyond

At the start of space exploration, Transistor Outline (TO) JEDEC packages were the go-to packages of choice for the exploration industry. The TO package family consists of many types of packaging solutions for transistors and similar discrete devices as well as simple IC’s with low pin counts. The structures of TO packages can vary widely, from expensive metal can enclosures to low-cost plastic-moulded package bodies.

TO-18 and TO-5 devices became the preferred option for small signal componentry, where TO-66 and TO-3 packages were recognised as ideally suited for high-voltage and high-power applications.

However, the difficulties experienced in the selection of TO-66 and TO-3 packages have resulted in the wider adoption of more modern metal case hermetic packages such as TO-257, TO-254, and TO-258 – in comparison, these are far easier to deploy than their more traditional case counterparts.

TT Electronics plc (LON:TTG) is a provider of engineered electronics applications for performance-critical applications. The Company works with customers in the industrial, medical, aerospace and defence, and transportation sectors.

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