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Moving abroad: Could online education be the answer for your child?

An educational alternative

Finding a school for your child when moving to another country can be an overwhelming experience. There are many factors you need to consider such as the schools reputation, the type of curricula, class sizes, and costs. Currently, parents have a choice between international and local state schools, both of which have their pros and cons. But, could there now be another alternative in the form of online education?

What is online education?

Most people would regard online education as a form of distance learning. This being, the course and its content are provided online, the student works through topics each week and sits an exam at the end of the course. Obviously, this is nothing like attending a traditional school and would never be considered an alternative. So, you might be wondering at this point, what could possibly make online education an alternative to a physical school? The answer is simple, a school but online.

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