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Microsaic Systems plc

Microsaic Systems plc Introduce New Protein Identification Product

Glenn Tracey, CEO of Microsaic, commented, “Bringing the power of the centralised laboratory to in-situ bioprocessing line measurements, the Microsaic MiD® ProteinID reduces key bioprocessing analyses from days to minutes. This means that operators can monitor feedstocks, metabolites and target proteins in just one measurement, thus accelerating time-to-market for new biologics development. Mass spectrometry can now offer superlative performance to high value manufacturing industries at the point-of-need, providing much greater insights over ubiquitous optical sensors.”

Microsaic Systems plc (LON: MSYS), the developer of point of need mass spectrometry instruments, announced the introduction of its new protein identification technology.

The Microsaic MiD® ProteinID is a break-through mass identification technique that allows users to verify target proteins throughout the whole bioprocessing value chain. By providing deterministic characterisation for proteins and small molecules at the point of need, the Microsaic MiD® ProteinID offers fast results over a mass range of 50-3,200 m/z, the broadest mass coverage for a small footprint mass spectrometer. Driven by design, the Microsaic MiD® ProteinID is transformational for process analytics, as its abilities as a point-of-need technology are derived from simplicity, and low maintenance which allows for minimal down-time and greater confidence in results.

Biologic drugs represented eight out of ten top selling drugs in 2016, with expected revenues in 2019 of c$445Bn. Revenues are c$15Bn from the top eight suppliers of manufacturing equipment into this industry.

Biologic manufacture demands real-time analysis throughout the entire process. The Microsaic MiD® ProteinID provides real time analysis from the raw in-coming goods, to upstream ‘in-cell’ drug production, and subsequent downstream product purification.

The Microsaic MiD® ProteinID was ranked among the top innovative products of the year by The Analytical Scientist Innovation Awards in December 2018.

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