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Mi-Pay Group Plc

Mi-Pay Group PLC Delivering Multiple Channels

For prepaid mobile customers, direct top-up from the handset is the quickest and easiest way for them to replenish their mobile balance when it gets low. With a few simple key presses, swipes and taps, a customer can top up their phone anytime, anywhere, and continue to use their phone without interruption.

Different channels suit different people. Those with the latest smartphone may prefer an app; those with a simpler phone might prefer to call an automated system and key in their payment details. Others, more familiar with short messaging, might wish to send a couple of text messages to request their top-up.

Mi-Pay supports a full range of mobile channels for immediate top-up. Our success in processing $500 of top-up transactions means that you can trust us to deliver a secure and reliable service.

What is more, Mi-Pay offers an indemnified service on all these channels, meaning that the operator is protected against any fraud that might occur on the service, and is guaranteed settlement for all approved top-ups.

Mobile web

A simple mobile web site is the most effective way to deliver top-up and payment services via a mobile handset. Virtually all modern phones can access the Internet. Where the web site is optimised for mobile, it is possible to have a good experience on almost any handset; users do not necessarily need a smartphone.

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