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Marcet football academy players use InterHigh

InterHigh works with a football academy in Barcelona to provide high quality education provision for its students. We spoke to Carolina Marcet – Head of Academic and Personal Development Department at Fundación Marcet, to find out more about their InterHigh experience.

How does the football academy work?

Fundación Marcet welcomes 200 young football players every year from all over the world (aged 8-21), who train, live and study with us in Barcelona. These young players have a common dream: to become professional football players. They choose and are chosen by Marcet in order to prepare for their future in 3 ways: Intensive training and football education, academic education and education in values, as responsible, wise and committed people. They train from 07.00 to 09.30am and from 03.00 to 06.00 pm, so all of the young players attend adapted scheduled schools or online/distance-learning schools, all thoroughly supervised and guided by Marcet professionals acting as very committed “parents” regarding academics.

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