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Managing our supply chain to address “just in case” scenarios

We take a lot for granted in how businesses and their supply chains work. Covid-19 has taught us that much has changed and it has been an interesting ride watching the world adapt.  Amino is no exception.  We saw production shut downs globally, long lead times for components and uncertainty of business consumption. Amino learned from this experience and is primed to fulfill delivery even if there is a surge of the virus.

What steps have we taken to ensure our ability to support you, our valued customers?

  • Migration of manufacturing to Thailand. Why is this important?  In the US, any product coming from China comes with a 15% tariff that gets passed on to the operator.  By moving production out of China, that tariff is not an issue.  Also, by having multiple manufacturing locations, we reduce dependency on a single factory if there is an issue specific to that area.  I’m mindful that it is not just about the virus but cataclysmic events can happen (as we have seen in the past how an earthquake can disrupt a factory for months bringing production to a screeching halt). Amino wants to ensure we have multiple locations – just in case.

Amino Technologies (LON:AMO) is a trusted partner and global provider of innovative, scalable media and entertainment technology solutions. As an IPTV pioneer, working with over 250 operator customers in 100-plus countries, Amino continuously innovates to help customers deliver modern video experiences.

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