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Managing Fatigue in Lupus

Fatigue can be described as a feeling of weariness that is more extreme than simple tiredness. It often includes a lack of both physical and mental (or emotional) energy and motivation. The fatigue that many patients experience in lupus is different from the everyday tiredness that anyone can experience, caused by the activities of daily life. When it is severe, it is a tiredness that is rarely improved with rest, and can last for some considerable time. It could be triggered by certain activities or stress, and can lead to frustration and then sometimes to periods of depression, especially when the fatigue of lupus is significantly interfering with life plans.

It is at these times when it is most difficult to manage and the following ideas may help patients to feel more in control.

Few AIM-listed drug development companies have late-stage clinical assets in the pipeline, ImmuPharma plc (LON:IMM) is an exception. The Company’s lead compound, Lupuzor™, a potential treatment for Lupus, has completed Phase 3 trial of dosing patients across the US, Europe and Mauritius with top line results announced.

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