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Kitchen safety – The kitchen kettle

If your kettle is becoming heavy to lift and tip, consider buying a travel kettle, as these are smaller and lighter to lift. Or, when choosing a full-size kettle, look for one that’s lightweight.

One-cup kettles boil enough water for only one cup, and reduce the need for pouring – a task that is often difficult if you have limited strength or dexterity.

Electric kettles are generally safer than stove-top kettles, because they have an automatic cut-off facility. Although stove-top kettles whistle to alert the user, they still need to be turned off manually. If you sometimes forget to unplug the kettle, a cordless variety can be particularly helpful.


Strix Group Plc (LON:KETL) manufactures and sells kettle safety controls and other components worldwide. The company offers thermostatic controls, cordless interfaces, water jugs, and filters. It also provides water heating, temperature and steam-management devices, such as steam boilers, instant flow heaters, and turbo toasters. 

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