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“It’s all in the mind (set)…”

“There are two types of people in this world…” is a common opening line for many jokes and internet memes. However, it was over 30 years ago that Carol Dweck identified a stark difference in resilience between groups of her students. Some were unable to deal with failure – such as on a test – while others rebounded and came back stronger. So distinct was the difference that she was able to split them into two groups – those with a ‘fixed mindset’, and those who presented what she termed the ‘growth mindset’.

Individuals with a fixed mindset often hold a binary view of the world. For example, they may not believe in the ability to grow or learn, and therefore measure their progress in terms of success or failure. This may lead them to avoid challenges and perceive obstacles as insurmountable. Such a mindset results in individuals often giving up on a challenging task because (“it cannot be done” or “I can’t do that”).

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