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Powerhouse Energy Group Plc

INTERVIEW: Powerhouse Energy Group Wrightbus MOU

Powerhouse Energy Group Plc (LON:PHE) CEO Keith Allaun talks to DirectorsTalk about the Wrightbus MOU and elimination of the Hillgrove overhang. Keith talks us through the news and shares his thoughts on why this has not yet been reflected in the share price.

PowerHouse Energy Group plc is the developer of the G3-UHt Ultra High Temperature Gasification unit, and the creator of DMG®, the Distributed Modular Gasification System that allows the distributed eradication of waste, the generation of distributed electricity, and the production of distributed hydrogen with the world’s first hydrogen from waste (HfW) process.

The Company is focused on technologies to enable projects for energy recovery from municipal and industrial waste streams that would otherwise be directed to landfills and incinerators; or from renewable and alternative fuels such as biomass, tyres, and plastics to create synthesis gas (syngas) for power generation, or high-quality hydrogen as a fuel for transport. DMG® allows for easy, economical, deployment and scaling of an environmentally sound solution to the growing challenges of waste eradication, landfill diversion, electrical demand, and distributed hydrogen production.

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