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Deltex Medical Group Plc

INTERVIEW: Deltex Medical Group Launch TrueVue system in US

Deltex Medical Group Plc (LON:DEMG) CEO Ewan Phillips talks to DirectorsTalk about the launch of it’s TrueVue system in the US. Ewan explains it’s functionality, the situations it will be used for, what this means for Deltex and the benefits of attending the Anesthesiology 2017 conference in Boston this year.


Deltex Medical manufactures and markets haemodynamic monitoring technologies. Deltex Medical’s proprietary ODM is the only technology to measure blood flow in the central circulation in real time. Minimally invasive, easy to set up and quick to focus, the technology generates a low-frequency ultrasound signal, which is highly sensitive to changes in flow and measures them immediately. Deltex has been the only company in the enhancedhaemodynamic space to build a robust and credible evidence base proving the clinical and economic benefits of its core technology, ODM which is proven to reduce complications suffered by patients after surgery and save hospitals the costs of treating those complications.


Deltex Medical’s CardioQ-ODM+ platform also now provides clinicians with two further advanced haemodynamic monitoring technologies. High Definition Impedance Cardiography is an entirely non-invasive monitoring technology which creates an electrical field across the chest and measures the disruption to this field when the heart pumps blood. Pulse Pressure Waveform Analysis uses peripheral blood pressure signal analysis to give doctors information on changes in the circulation and is particularly suited to monitoring lower risk or haemodynamically stable patients.

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