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Blue Star Capital Plc

INTERVIEW: Blue Star Capital Positive update with NAV up 50%, Crypto & Blockchain

Blue Star Capital (LON:BLU) and SatoshiPay CEO’s Tony Fabrizi and Meinhard Benn join DirectorsTalk to discuss the Blue Star update. Tony talks us through the key highlights, explains the increase in NAV, why the RTO was pulled and shares his thoughts on the current share price.

Meinhard updates us on what SatoshiPay has been doing over the last year, what we can expect this year and his thoughts on the crypto and blockchain space.

Blue Star Capital is an investment Company with a focus on new technologies. The Company focuses on businesses that have the capacity for substantial growth and increase in value. Blue Star Capital’s geographical focus is predominately UK companies but the Board will also consider investments in Mainland Europe. The Company can take positions in investee companies by way of equity, debt or convertible or hybrid securities. The Company is subject to the UK City Code on Takeovers and Mergers.

SatoshiPay was founded in 2014 and is headquartered in London, with development led through its Berlin office. SatoshiPay offers a frictionless micropayment solution to help digital publishers monetise content globally. The SatoshiPay platform is based on scalable blockchain technology supplied by the Stellar.org network. Find frequently updated information at the company’s website www.satoshipay.io, its blog www.medium.com/@SatoshiPay and Twitter @SatoshiPay.

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