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InterHigh: The top 5 questions we are asked

Here at InterHigh, we are frequently asked lots of questions by prospective parents and pupils, many of whom are unfamiliar with what an online school is. Below are answers to five of the most popular questions we are asked.

1. How does it work?

Pupils login to their own dashboard to access all areas of the school. When it’s time to enter a lesson, the pupil clicks on the relevant subject tile and joins the classroom, where fellow pupils and a subject teacher will be waiting. The teacher delivers the lesson through an interactive teaching area and is visible to the class via a webcam. Students are able to interact in lesson through a microphone or keyboard, this also provides them with the option to have a one to one conversation with the teacher throughout the entire duration of the lesson. After class, pupils can complete homework or revisit topics of the lesson by re-watching the lesson recording or downloading the lesson PowerPoint.

2. What support do you provide pupils?

InterHigh has its very own pastoral care team that are available throughout the school day. Our pastoral support team are available when needed and provide a confidential channel for pupils to discuss all aspects of their lives, whether that be matters inside or outside of school. As a parent, any concerns about your child can be passed on to the team and they will look into the concerns raised in a private and delicate manner.

3. Is online schooling recognised?

To date, the only country to officially recognise the existence of online schools is New Zealand. Many other countries class online education as a form of home schooling which means it is therefore legal as an alternative form for mandatory education. In years to come, it is highly likely that further countries will follow and officially recognise online schools as a genuine form of education.

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