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Innovation turns dirty plastic waste into clean fuel and electricity

UK developer Waste2Tricity (W2T) is ready for a clean energy revolution as the project it has helped pioneer, to turn dirty plastic waste into electricity for the grid and low-cost hydrogen road fuel, prepares for commercial production.

The world’s first plant with the technology at the Protos site near Ellesmere Port in Cheshire is now at the planning approval stage and hopes are it will get underway in the new year. The £20million zero waste scheme sustains itself and will be able to take up to 35 tons of contaminated, unrecyclable plastic a day. Heat treatment in a sealed chamber and smart systems that determine the make-up of the gas as it passes through remove carbon and convert the waste into synthetic gas.

The technology, in a format of distributed modular systems (DMG), belongs to junior stock exchange listed PowerHouse Energy Group (AIM:PHE) with the University of Chester’s Energy Centre at Thornton Science Park hosting the prototype and providing a skilled talent pool.

Powerhouse Energy Group PLC (LON:PHE) has developed the innovative PHE DMG® System, their proprietary thermal conversion technology. DMG® technology provides a mechanism to dispose of a wide range of waste streams by using them as feedstock that can be converted to EcoSynthesis Gas.

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