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Immunotherapy: the Future of Cancer Treatment

Immunotherapy treatments work in different ways. Some can stimulate your immune system to recognize cancer cells and work harder to vanquish them. Others use antibodies – similar to what your body makes to fight infections – to get the immune system to target the cancer. Both approaches have one thing in common: They tend to be much gentler on the body, and have fewer harsh side effects, than chemotherapy. For that reason, many people undergoing immunotherapy can continue to work and live their lives with comparatively less disruption.

And there’s another big plus. After a patient completes a course of chemotherapy or radiation, there’s often the lingering worry that cancer will return. Since immunotherapy trains the body to recognize and fight off cancer, the results appear to be long lasting.

Avacta Group Plc (LON:AVCT) offers reagents and therapeutics based on Affimer technology for diagnostic and research applications in the United Kingdom. The company’s custom Affimer products are also used in drugs and biomarkers discovery in biotech research and development.

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