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Antibody Mimetics

“The sad fact is that around 70% of cancer patients with solid based tumors don’t respond to classical chemotherapy,” said Joseph Tabernero, MD, PhD, head of Val d’Hebron Institute of Oncology in Spain at the recent Avacta London Science Day.

According to Tabernero, this is why immunotherapeutics which encourage the immune system to recognize the tumor and destroy tumor cells have become more widely used. He states: “Check point inhibitors impact the cancer immunity cycle, offering a better solution and a longer term response.”

Amrik Basran, PhD, CSO of Avacta agreed, saying, “Standard chemotherapy for solid tumors has a poor survival rate. Immunotherapy using PD1 or PD-L1 check point inhibitors offer better survival compared to standard chemotherapy as these allow T cells to recognize and destroy tumor cells. Combination immunotherapies of checkpoint inhibitors mAbs offer even better survival.”

Avacta Group Plc (LON:AVCT) principal focus is on its proprietary Affimer® technology which is a novel engineered alternative to antibodies that has wide application in Life Sciences for diagnostics, therapeutics and general research and development.

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