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Hyundai to unveil hydrogen fuel cell semi truck

Small interconnected hexagons surround the lit-up badge on the nose of Hyundai’s new semi-truck. Though some might see the angular lines as part of a simple grille design, Hyundai portrays it as a scientific symbol of what this truck is all about. The teaser in the article is the first look at the company’s newest fuel cell electric vehicle.

Hyundai has been experimenting with and producing fuel cell-powered products for years already. The Tuscon (ix35 in other markets) is historic in that it is one of the only complete hydrogen vehicles to make it to market. The Nexo, which we had the chance to drive, is the company’s first dedicated fuel cell platform, and a recent partnership with Audi demonstrates just how serious Hyundai is about the technology. The next step is applying it to commercial vehicles.


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