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How the Oil Production Boom Has Benefited America

U.S. oil production has boomed in the past decade, thanks largely to innovation in the use of fracking, which has allowed the U.S. to tap into not only enormous amounts of shale oil, but also natural gas and other petroleum resources.

In fact, U.S. production has ramped up so much that in 2018, the U.S. became a net exporter of oil for the first time in nearly 75 years.

Perhaps even more incredibly, for a brief time at the end of 2019, the U.S. surpassed Saudi Arabia to become the world’s top oil exporter.

Reabold Resources plc (LON:RBD) is an investor in near-term, high growth upstream oil & gas projects where an injection of its capital facilitates near-term activity. Reabold’s assets include Monroe Swell, West Brentwood & Grizzly Island, in California, US and West Newton in the UK.

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