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How smart buildings help the return to work

As lockdown restrictions ease, more workers are returning to the workplace. Over the past few months, the concept of an office has altered past the point of return – open-plan offices and hot-desking suddenly look more risky than revolutionary, busy is bad and airflow isn’t just positive, it’s necessary.

As well as the new logistical demands, employers have a raft of other key considerations before they can welcome back employees. Fundamentally, they must take care of employee’s wellbeing by putting every available safeguard in place. This includes developing workplace strategies that meet the individual demands, enabling social distancing, and effectively and consistently communicating any updates with employees.

While safety is the current priority, companies cannot lose sight of the wellbeing, productivity and development of their employees. While HR professionals have traditionally relied on verbal feedback, smart building technology, from sensors to software, will now play a vital role in creating a safe and productive workforce. 

GS Technologies Ltd (LON:GST), through its subsidiary, EMS Wiring Systems Pte. Ltd, provides services in the “Smart Building” sector. Smart Building is a diverse term that refers to the technological capabilities of buildings and other work place facilities.

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