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How intelligent buildings can save energy and money

The benefits of operating intelligent buildings are vast. Top-quality building supplies such as energy-saving electrical products, air-tight insulations, high-performance windows and doors, advanced HVAC systems, water-efficient plumbing devices, etc., all contribute to the massive amount of savings in energy usage and costs.

Because the typical commercial building is unoccupied 30 to 40 percent of the time, it is wasteful to keep lighting on. An energy-efficient lighting system helps to eliminate this waste by monitoring and shutting down lighting in areas that are unoccupied.

Lighting controls can be scheduled for specific times of day, days of the week, weekends and holidays, and are also used outdoors in parking lots, garages, ramps, walkways, exits, loading docks, etc.

Lighting costs are one of the highest expenditures in commercial structures. By installing an intelligent lighting system that includes re-lamping with LED bulbs and other products, building owners can significantly reduce their operating costs.

GS Technologies Ltd (LON:GST), through its subsidiary, EMS Wiring Systems Pte. Ltd, provides services in the “Smart Building” sector including Data Centers, Infrastructure Monitoring Systems, Surveillance Camera Systems (CCTV) and Eco & Intelligent Lighting.

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