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How Does CBD Affect Your Hormones?

We’ve all heard about CBD and how it’s being used to treat common ailments such as headaches, pain, and anxiety; but one area that perhaps hasn’t received as much attention as it should is the impact that cannabidiol has on hormone function.

CBD works through the endocannabinoid system to generate therapeutic responses in conditions that would otherwise cause disruption to normal physiological processes – so an example of this is when a person loses their appetite, which of course could mean that they don’t get enough energy from food to facilitate essential processes such as muscle growth or immune system function.

When we look at the effect of CBD more broadly, we see that it works both as treatment for ongoing problems, but more importantly, it also works to prevent the rise of conditions that would be detrimental to our health.

Sativa Group PLC (NEX:SATI) is a seed to consumer medicinal cannabis and cannabidiol (CBD) wellness business, focused on the smart-sourcing of the raw material, advanced extraction, manufacture, testing, distribution, and research & development of medicinal cannabis and CBD products.

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