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How do water hydraulics work?

Most of you are familiar with the use of oil as the fluid medium for hydraulic systems, which is inherently excellent at its job. It lubricates well, provides good heat capacity and is stable over various pressure and temperature ranges. As good as oil is, it’s not the only power transmission liquid in use today.

As counterintuitive as it may seem, water can make a great hydraulic fluid, in spite of your association between water and corrosion of the mostly metal components used in hydraulics. True water hydraulic systems use only filtered water as its medium, so the construction materials used must resist corrosion, making expensive stainless steel the material of choice.

Flowtech Fluidpower PLC (LON:FLO) is a leading specialist in fluid power products and solutions. Through hydraulics, pneumatics and associated industrial products, they focus on moving liquid, gas or air to generate power which keeps industry moving.

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