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Harvesting new opportunities with LED based Horticulture Lighting

Light is crucial for most life-forms. Plants relay on light for photosynthesis. Utilising artificial light to support this process enables farmers to control the development, shape, and flowering period of plants. The quantity of light, its spectral composition and light duration have an effect on plant properties in the growth process. Therefore, lighting is a crucial variable in today’s horticultural industry. While High-Pressure Sodium (HPS) based lighting is still widely spread, farmers and greenhouse owners increasingly experience the benefits LED based lighting solutions offer in comparison. These include a more targeted influence through specific colour spectrums and wavelengths, lower power consumption and longer lifespan, resulting in lower maintenance and operational costs.

Nanoco Group Plc (LON:NANO) leads the world in the research, development and large-scale manufacture of heavy-metal free quantum dots and semiconductor nanoparticles for use in displays, lighting, solar energy and bio-imaging.

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