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Evgen Pharma Plc

Hardman & Co Research: Evgen Pharma PLC

2018, a pivotal year

EVG is a virtual pharmaceutical company focused on the development of a synthetic version of a natural product, sulforaphane, which is known to modulate key signalling pathways involved in cellular protection and inflammation. EVG has created new and stable variants of sulforaphane using its proprietary technology, Sulforadex, enabling it to be used as a therapeutic for the first time. SFX-01 is currently in Phase II trials for both subarachnoid haemorrhage and ER+ metastatic breast cancer, with read-outs expected around the end of 2018. The result meeting was an opportunity to present the encouraging interim STEM trial data.

► Strategy: EVG is focused on the clinical development of synthetic and stable variants derived from sulforaphane using its proprietary technology, Sulforadex. Lead candidate SFX-01 is being assessed in Phase II trials for SAH and breast cancer, both strategic entry portals for other uses in neurology and oncology.

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