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Is graphene really worth the hype – Science Weekly

Nicola Davis investigates what makes graphene the ‘wonder material’ and whether it can bring commercial success to the UK

In this week’s show we look at the the wonder material graphene – what is it good for and is it all it is cracked up to be? We also explore the challenges and pitfalls of getting it out of the laboratory and into products and ask whether graphene, first isolated by researchers in Manchester, is likely to be a commercial success for the UK.

In the studio we have materials scientist and author of Stuff Matters Professor Mark Miodownik of University College, London, and physicist and blogger on science and science policy, Professor Richard Jones from the University of Sheffield. Joining us down the line is Cinzia Casiraghi, professor in nanoscience of Manchester University, who works closely with the University’s National graphene Institute.

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