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Applied Graphene Materials

Graphene Coatings: Exciting Properties and Wide-Ranging Potential

Since it was first isolated in 2004 via simple mechanical exfoliation of graphite, graphene has attracted significant attention due to its unique combination of extraordinary electronic, optical, and mechanical properties. Graphene sheets are two-dimensional, one-atom-thick layers of sp2-bonded carbon atoms connected in a hexagonal, honey-comb-like pattern. In addition to potential applications in advanced batteries and transistors, solar cells, displays, sensors, and composites, there is much interest in the use of graphene by itself as a coating material or as an additive for improving the performance of various coating technologies. In particular, several approaches have been taken to develop graphene-based corrosion protection coatings. The superhydrophobicity of graphene has also been exploited. There are many possible applications for conductive graphene coatings. A few selected examples of recent research on graphene coatings are highlighted.

Applied Graphene Materials plc (LON:AGM) produces and sells graphene products primarily in the United Kingdom. It offers graphene nanoplatelets; and graphene powder in a range of polymer matrices, including thermoset and thermoplastic, as well as adhesives, elastomers, oils, and aqueous and non-aqueous solutions.

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