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Strat Aero Plc

Global UAV Flies Drone Using 4G Cellular Network

Global UAV successfully flew an unmanned aircraft system using the 4G cellular network for command and control and flight data telemetry feedback.

NOVAerial Robotics Inc., the company’s research & development, engineering and manufacturing division, completed the test flights, that included multiple takeoffs and landings, according to a news release. Using one of NOVAerial’s internal research and development multicopter drone platforms, they were also able to execute an autonomous flight plan.

Strat Aero plc (LON:AERO) is focused on the continued development of the Company’s ‘Survey & Inspection’ business, in addition to implementing an enhanced growth strategy via the appraisal of complementary acquisition or investment opportunities. This is in line with the Company’s stated objective to achieve improved financial performance in the near term.

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