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Four things you need to know about domain names

Understanding domain names is an important first step to making your mark on the Internet. Think of domain names as a way to simplify navigating around the Internet. Each domain name is associated with an IP address, which is how people find your Web site on the Internet. In essence, a domain name is your Web site’s address.

Web hosting, on the other hand, is the rented space on a server, allocated to your Web site, where all your Web site files are stored. Your domain name points to your Web site. So what do you need to know about domain names? Here’s an in-depth article on xneelo Insights – we’ve summarised a few key points below.

Domain name extensions

Each domain name ends with an extension. For example, in ‘xneelo.co.za’, the .co.za is the domain extension. Some extensions are not available to everyone and are reserved for certain bodies like universities (.ac.za) or government (.gov) or only specific countries (.co.uk).

CentralNic Group Plc (LON:CNIC) provides registry services, distribution, and strategic consultancy for new TLDs, ccTLDs and SLDs.

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