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Fight the flu in the germiest places of your home

Flu season is in full swing and seems to be spreading like wildfire but there are steps you can take to prevent the spread of the flu that go beyond washing your hands.

  1. Hand Towels in a Bathroom – Bacteria grows in wet, moist areas. A microbiologist at the University of Arizona found more than 90% of bathroom towels he examined to be contaminated. Wash hand towels every two to three days or if you don’t want to frequently change out a hand towel, put out paper hand towels, instead.

Accrol Group Holdings PLC (LON:ACRL) manufacture a wide range of household and away-from-home paper products from our purpose built production facility in Lancashire. Paper products including toilet rolls, paper towels and facial tissues are manufactured to the highest levels of quality in brands and private labels utilising the latest technological advancements.

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