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Exscientia CEO explains how AI is transforming drug discovery

In recent decades a strange confluence has formed in the pharmaceutical industry. A range of powerful technologies have brought enormous new capabilities to the sector, productivity has been simultaneously declining. Deloitte’s Centre for Health Solutions estimates that projected returns on investment in pharma R&D have fallen to 1.9 percent, the lowest level since 2010.

The paradox of improving technology yielding deteriorating results can partly be explained by the cognitive limitations of the humans who deploy these complex tools and techniques.

Exscientia is at the forefront of Artificial Intelligence-driven drug discovery and design. As at 8th January 2019, Frontier IP Group Plc (LON:FIPP) have a 3.3% holding in Exscientia. Frontier IP Group, through its subsidiaries, engages in assisting universities, research institutions, and companies in the commercialization and exploitation of their intellectual property (IP) in the United Kingdom.

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