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Advanced Oncotherapy Plc

Exploring future medical accelerators for cancer treatment

From 19 to 21 June, sixty experts from all over the world are meeting at the European Scientific Institute (ESI) in Archamps, France, to explore future medical accelerators for treating cancer with ions. Ion therapy, also known as hadron therapy, is an advanced form of radiotherapy that uses protons and other ions to precisely target tumour cells while sparing the surrounding healthy tissues.

Advanced Oncotherapy (LON:AVO), is developing a unique, fully integrated, proton therapy system. The LIGHT System is expected to be the first commercially available linear proton accelerator for medical treatment of cancer patients.

Our next generation of particle therapy system is designed to pinpoint tumours more precisely and with greater conformity, thereby potentially offering patients less damage to surrounding healthy tissues and higher disease-free survival rates.

Advanced Oncotherapy is also committed to developing a proton therapy system which is compact and user friendly. This means that proton therapy will no longer be reserved for a minority of patients, but will be available to many more patients.

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